Wedding in Tuscany, in San Gimignano.

Therese & Jacopo


I adored them at the first meeting.

She’s so sweet and delicate… 
He’s so unique with all those hair and he’s so funny…
I was really excited for being their photographer!!

A wedding with a very very genuine taste, with nice sensation, with very love and emotion. The real ones and the simplicity that I love.

The emotion of seeing them so in love…was really great!


Wonderful also the frame. 

A delightful Agriturismo with an enchanting view of San Gimignano, Agriturismo il Mattone.

Even the most beautiful light of Tuscany has been granted for them. The famous Gold Light of Tuscany.

Everything was perfect!

What else..

Simply…THANK YOU GAYS!!! I love you!