Elegance, romance, sweetness, emotion, fun times, these are the aspects that make each event a special one. This is also why these are the same elements I try to capture when I narrate your wedding.
One of my main objectives is to try to re-create through my photos the atmosphere, the colors, the flavour which you have decided to give to your wedding in order to make this tale
an unique one as your big day will be. This is why I use natual light
in my photos. The use of flash or led is minimal only for creative shots.
I work together with another photographer, which enables me to always be present, but never invasive. My style is mainly that of a reportage, of natual photos, unposed. I try to find the right balance between a true reportage and posed shots. I focus on my wedding couple without forcing poses. In this way I capture the beauty of their bonding moment.
Spontaneous and real emotions, your way of being together will be the real protagonist. Nothing will be simulated, unless otherwise established upon request.