from the second month till the 1st year of life

Your baby is growing up so fast. You would never stop watching nor cuddling him.
He smiles at you, watches you, he relaxes while he listens to your voice and begins to imitate your expressions.
It is the time of many surprises, discoveries, interactions with mom and dad. It is cuddling time for both parents and child.
As time goes by, their achievements become bigger and bigger: from lifting their necks to being able to sit and sometimes to even stand up.
As per the newborn session also the oldborn session takes place in your home.
Even in this case the atmosphere is relaxed, but more playful.
The sets are studied based on the great progress your baby will make during these months.
Some will be tender and others will be playful untill we have arrived to his 1st candle and to the smash the cake photoshoot where fun is guaranteed. Your child will have an unique memory of his first candle.